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Fashion Chalet by Erika Marie

Follow the fashion blog icon as she travels along the road of sophisticated style.

orange dress, nude shoes

Fashion Chalet’s Tangerine Dream.


Productive Professor: Composting Composition

Learn about Writing Composition and read another one of PinkCurlers’ writing voices.



Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld’s Blog

Does Every Woman have an Eating Disorder? 

Explore the complex elements of our lives.



More of my art!

See the world through the eyes of a starfish, aka PinkCurlers’ art (also known as starfishstamped).

Pinkcurlers bombshell art



Book Lovers & Writers

For the writer, book lover and dreamer.  Make your dreams come true and publish through a kind-hearted quaint and woman run Publisher.



Ms. Becky’s Sassy Blog

Grab a bite of womanhood with Becky, a part time stay at home mom desperately seeking an outlet that doesn’t require a plug.

Never stop exploring!

Beyonce did!

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