As a creative professional, I’m always trying to figure out how to do my job as well as I can. While I come across so many practical tips and words of researched advice, which all offer helpful ideas, I never read about how one specific incident was managed, about real life peers in the workplace, or concrete strategies for daily challenges. Hence, this is one of the reasons Pink Curlers & Post Scripts exists.  The other is style, particularly, lifestyle.

I'm figuring out that life is a balance of freedom & structure.This blog blossomed out of my brain as way to express the development of my own style, and to fill the void that I found online: a blog that helped me deal with my day to day activities in a more vivid, personal way.

Here's a golden smile, from Private Benjamin, starring the sparkly Goldie Hawn.

Here’s a golden smile, from Private Benjamin, starring the sparkly Goldie Hawn.

Part of style development and professional growth is looking for aesthetics and designs. The way a room looks when you enter it can compel you to never want to leave it. How will I present my space when I own my first home? When I get my own office? How will I present my-self in my home or in my office? You could say I’m sort of sitting on ideas, keeping them warm for the future, hoping others will join me.

Author Bio

Nicole Hospital-Medina earned her MFA at the University of Miami where she is now a professor who instructs writing. Her poems can be read in the anthology, Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, as well as in CURA: A Journal of Art and Action, The Miami Herald, Linden Lane Magazine, Paper Nautilus, Blunderbuss Magazine, The Acentos Review, Canyon Voices and more. Nicole, Floridian, surfer, sailor, teacher and environmentalist, ventures to write. She is a poet-activist and a painter.Speaking at my first professional panel at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs

You can contact her by email via starfishstamped@gmail.com.

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Always loyal to my style, always loyal to pinkcurlers.com

At a beautiful Miami Beach hotel as my BFF’s Bridesmaid.

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