9 Free Favorite, Inspiring, Creative and Pragmatic Apps

9 Best Apps to spark your productive creativity. Free yourself for free!

A fun post trend I’ve noticed on Fridays is the “Friday Favorites” subject. I decided today I’ll give it a shot by sharing with you my current obsessed with/can’t live without/adored apps. I’ve developed a respect for the concept of apps as I’ve become more and more grateful to have them. As the app phenomenon grew in our vibrant culture, at first, I was skeptical, thinking all apps would be time-passing word or bar games; maybe the practical dictionary app could be of some use. Today, I thrive with my apps! They spark creativity, organization and stress-relief.

9 Amazing Apps to spark up your creativity and inspire you!

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My 9 Favorite Apps (as of today)

1. Polyvore. Dude, polyvore is the most pleasure-ridden, reliable, useful and creative app that I seriously can’t get enough of. The app lets me visually create my visions of home design, art and fashion with the option to shop like a queenEven better, it’s a warm and supporting community of other fashion, interior design, art junkies. Polyvore has never ever hiccuped on me. Ever. There’s group invites and creative contests. It also welcomes self-promotion and really seems to genuinely care about the everyday creative entrepreneur. They encourage sharing not only within social media but on blogs too! Here’s one of many I’ve shared for Flamingo Fridays. I literally love this program. Thanks, polyvore!

2. Pinterest. Need I say more? Pinterest is for everyone, guys, girls, grandmas, dads. Not only is it the greatest to get and save ideas but also I can share inspirations and jokes with my bffs, my fiancé, my sister etc. with the click of a send pin. You can make group boards; this has come in super handy for my bridesmaids and I. You can create fashion collections or fishing tips. Anything goes! Below is one of my boards called, Beach chic, where I pin women’s chic beach wear inspirations (because I love the beach and love being chic!)

Follow PinkCurlers’s board Beach chic on Pinterest.

3. Canva. The greatest and easiest to use graphic design tool for non graphic designers. You can design your own business card, movie poster, pinterest image, infograph. It’s got everything, and it’s accessible to everyone.

4. Flipboard. Create your own readable magazines made from articles of your choice. I have about 15 magazines on my Flipboard account ranging from Surf Life to Evening News to Animal House. You basically get to be your own editor, follow other magazines, and you have a never-ending rich source for reading material.

5. Rookie. It’s a basic photo editor, but it comes with awesome amenities like stickers, filters, text options. I love it especially for tagging or make-shift watermarking my pics.

9 Best Apps to spark your productive creativity. Free yourself for free!

Me + Brigitte Bardot + rookie app = visual poetry!

6. Paper by 53Draw, paint with water colors, spray paint all on your device with the touch of your finger. It’s an all time favorite of mine for flights as no internet is required to play.

7. Photo.lab. This lets you do super fun and goofy things to photos. I make a lot of birthday cake portraits with this one.

Have a productive creative binge with these fun and useful apps!

A big con with this app is the intrusive logo they force on you and some of the ads are way too long for an app. But, you can always crop and make some fun stuff with it, like this, where I input one of my POLYVORE sets into the photo.lab editor.

8. Aviary. Another photo editor I use for meme-making. It’s the most convenient meme maker I’ve ever come across.

9 Amazing Apps for productive creativity and inspiration.

9. We Heart It. With this app, I really get my grungy girly on. It’s aimed more toward a younger audience from the looks of it, but it’s hip, creative and purely made for the purposes to inspire and relax.

Which apps inspire or assist you? Share the app wealth 😉

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