Mean 80s girl

Some girls are too bad to be but not too bad to dress like
Mean 80s girl
Because I literally have just discovered (unbelievable right?), I had a “make your own sets” fix, and one of them was inspired by the girls I could never be, but wouldn’t mind dressing up as. Because it’s officially winter, I tried to keep it in the realm of winter wear.
So, I’ve never been a mean girl, was never able to, and I’m 100% sure I never will. But, as I’ve written about before, I’ve has my fair share of mean girl encounters. I didn’t get beat up, but I did have to recover from a few bruises.
The mean girls I like most though are definitely not the ones I knew, but the ones I watched on television when I was little– the Eighties movies’ most popular girls. Think Footloose “bad girl,” Sixteen Candles “mean girl,” and Breakfast Club “popular girl.”

They were glam jam hip characters.

80s bad girl style set

Everybody get Footloose

80s bad girl style set

Even mean girls get screwed by mean girls…

80s Bad girl style set

“I’m so popular. Everyone loves me.” — Breakfast Club

(You can browse to “window shop” or purchase the Marc Jacobs eighties girl beauty stuff by clicking any of the pics below)
I don’t recommend being a mean girl, but I say, “why not go ahead and dress like one?” 😉

PS- The second part of the Marilyn post is soon to come, but polyvore has me totally sidetracked/hooked

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