30 is the New 13

Today is my 30th birthday.

13 flirty thriving

Jenna, the 13 year old from the funstastic film, 13 Going on 30.

30 In the magazine model

The Fantasy of being 30 is perhaps true.

Unforeseeably, I never imagined that I would feel more 13 today than I did when I was 13.  The thing about it all is that I feel happy like a kid, free like a kid, as magical as a kid, without all the pre-puberty problems of acne, awkwardness, lack of funds, no drivers license, no reason and no experience.  Though I’m thirty now, I still get crazy pre-work nerves and bad PMS.

Fluffy pillow Jennifer garner

Some coping strategies you learned at 13 still work today.

So, some things don’t change.  But, now, I have all the magical wonders of womanhood I always dreamed of with all the means to enjoy it and the power to express myself.  The adorable movie, 13 Going On 30, starring Jennifer Garner, illustrates it best.

Eye shadow

Remember when you switched from the weird eye shadow Qtip thing to an excellent brush?!

Undies, panties

When you finally went shopping for undies without your mom?!

Shoe closet

When you bought your first pair of shoes without anyone’s approval.

Pink curlers

Sitting in front of your own mirror, with your own bucket of beauty supplies, getting ready for a night on the town with your choice music playing, a glass of champagne and the love of your life coming to pick you up feels like nothing a teen could ever imagine.

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