Month: February 2017

How Fowler Gives Me Power: Reflections on Susan J. Fowler’s Reflecting on One Very Strange Year at Uber

In line with Fowler though, I am writing from a place of reflection. I'd like to write an honest and open letter about my past experiences with certain companies and institutions. In other words, I'd also like to tell my story, and I'd like it to come from a place of truth not judgement. Fowler doesn't "badmouth" Uber; she discloses and informs.

Last Sunday, Susan J. Fowler, a former employee of Uber, published a post on her blog revealing numerous counts of sexual harassment and discrimination she experienced while working for the company. Her post is straightforward and pretty bias-free; her tone is calm, but frank. While some of her experiences at the company might appall readers, …

6 Game Changing Tips for Shopping on Amazon

Like Tarzan, I explore Amazon's deepest jungles for the best deals and one-of-a-kind products. It's an endless expedition that leads shoppers into paths with names "Customers also bought," "You might also like" or "Sponsored related products." Take a wrong turn in this jungle, and you might end up miles away from the item you were looking for. It's hard to stay on track when you're shopping on Amazon. It's easy to spend too much money. It's impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the millions of brands (most you probably haven't heard of). 6 Game Changing Tips For Shopping on Amazon

Like Tarzan, I explore Amazon’s deepest jungles for the best deals and one-of-a-kind products. It’s an endless expedition that leads shoppers into  paths with names “Customers also bought,” “You might also like” or “Sponsored related products.” Take a wrong turn in this jungle, and you might end up miles away from the item you were …

The Woman Behind the Red Gloss: Marilyn Monroe, The Business Owner

Impressively, before her early death at 36, Monroe got the chance to produce and act in her own two films after she founded Marilyn Monroe Productions with her photographer friend, Milton Greene. Finally free from her strict and sleezey contract with Fox, Monroe could choose her own roles and design her own movies. Without the obligation to please directors and colleagues, MM Productions made Bus Stop, which many critics claim to be her strongest role, and The Prince and The Showgirl

So few know about the woman behind the red gloss. I forget that to most she is a sex symbol for the male gaze. When I describe Marilyn Monroe as one of my biggest heroes, people get confused like seagulls trying to decipher bread crumbs from plastic.  Unbeknownst to the many that continue to sexualize her, …

How To Easily Propagate More Basil

How to Propagate Basil:I considered starting from scratch; I could buy another sac of seeds. But these basils had been good to me before I left them, rich with flavor. Rather than start from seed, I decided to propagate from the plants I already have. It's a win-win for all of us: the plants pass on their genetics, and I get more basil for free.

I had to leave my plants alone and unattended for a couple of weeks. I overwatered on the way out the door and hoped for the best. When my husband and I returned from our holiday, most of the plants looked terrible but alive. The basils, which really need a lot of water, were in …

How to Create a Cozy Corner in Your Home

With some creativity and rearrangement, you can design your own cozy, semi-luxurious corner to lounge in. There are 6 Essential Ingredients to make a Cozy Corner:

It’s a special space, one that isn’t on the sofa in the center of all the household bustle. It’s not on your bed, in your jammies disconnected from the daylight.  It’s a cozy corner just for you, a place to put your feet up, decompress, contemplate or read without the distraction of the television or …


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