Month: April 2016

5 Good Habits I’m Proud To Have

I can tell you right now what some of my worst habits are--easily. Think of yours. What are your worst habits? Part of the reason why I won't tell you what my worst habits are today is because I want to try a new approach.

“Well I think everyone struggles with self-love,” the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman once said. Here’s an interesting question: What are your good habits? Does it take longer for you to think of some good habits? It does for me, and I suspect this is not because I only have bad habits, but because I focus too …

Mississippi Misses the Mark When It Comes to Domestic Violence and Divorce

Mississippi Misses the Mark with Domestic Violence Bill

Imagine being trapped with a monster in your own home, not just for one brief nightmare during a normal night’s sleep, but everyday. They say home is where the heart is, but this is not the case for victims of domestic violence in Mississippi. In the state of Mississippi, being assaulted by a spouse is …

Why I’ve Started Practicing Yoga

Slowly, the idea of practicing yoga began to blossom. I noted her posture to my husband. He responded, "I always thought you would probably like yoga because I know you like meditating and working out, so it would be like doing both." I reflected on his comment. How true, I thought. Why had I not paid yoga the proper respect and attention it deserves?

She arrived at the perfect time; the sun was just getting ready to set. The young woman laid out her towel, organizing her little space of beach. My husband and I stood near the dunes, watching the many locals and tourists of Costa Rica partaking in the ritual of simply watching the sun go to sleep. …

6 Ways My Cuban Heritage Has Enriched My Marriage

My husband and I had a "Cuban-Southern wedding," we like to say. His half is Southern; my half is Cuban. We come from families that like big families, good food and drink and dancing. The blues and bluegrass of the south partner well with the tropical rhythms of Cuba. We had as much bourbon as we did rum, and our signature drink, we called the Georgia Peach Mojito (trademarked!).

I honestly had never met anyone other than myself who enjoyed and actively sought out the sounds of Southern Bluegrass music before I met my husband. Granted, I didn’t know much about the genre of music. I owned two very cheesy compilations of Bluegrass CDs from Target. I had heard it somewhere once, and one …

Why You Should Garden or Grow House Plants

The process of earning a greenish thumb has taught me lessons that grow beyond the boundaries of pots and seedlings.

Throughout my thirty years of living, I was never motivated to garden. Sure, I had some plants surviving on my balcony, but I never tended to their health, nor did I ever try to sprout any plants on my own. The routine was basic: go to Home Depot, pick a potted or hanging plant, put …

A Family of Poets & Writers

all about this trio of poets

As odd and unlikely as it sounds, I come from a family of writers and poets. Both my mother and father are published authors. My sister is the editor for her college’s literary journal, Miambiance, a blossoming poet herself. And today is Arts & Letters Day. We were invited to read our work as a triad …


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