Month: November 2015

The Insight of a Lovebird

So, I won’t be referring to my fiancé anymore throughout some of my articles. He always works as a perfect example or as a character in an anecdote. However, I will be referring to my husband! This past weekend we were married, a long, arduous and expensive process. Many times during the year we considered eloping, …

9 Favorite Interior Design Blogs & Resources

It's not enough to make a room beautiful or cohesive, nor is it enough to make a room efficient and practical. Interior design must display artistry and ambition, all the while remaining loyal to the aesthetic and functional needs of the space's occupants

Is it an art form, a social obligation or a hobby? Interior Design, which is now a professional field, encompasses a bundle of functions which range from self-expression, cultural symbolism, social status, order and art. Interior design reflects the users and functions of a particular space. A well-designed home or office showcases an intellectual as well as a socio-economic …

The New Bill That Actually Protects the “Right” to Discriminate

Scattered throughout the internet right now, so called unbiased headlines regarding the bill highlight its infringement on the rights of women and gay citizens (very much true). I'm a woman, and as bleak as my future appears through the lens of this bill, I am aware that the bill impacts more than the us typical targets of injustice (the poor, the gay, the female). What these journalists don't understand (or perhaps they do) is that by highlighting "women and gays," less citizens will take note of the bill, as the bill seemingly does not affect their rights. Here's a reality check. This bill affects everyone (even rich people with amazing health insurance).

I don’t find it fascinating in anyway that bills aimed at protecting discrimination are being introduced to my sunshine state of Florida. It’s “The Religious Freedom Bill.” Sounds nice enough, but in truth, it’s a sneaky misleading use of rhetoric (aka word choice). Essentially it offers businesses or other various service-providing institutions the right to discriminate against …


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