Month: September 2015

Follow Up Post: Closing the Curtains, How I Cope With My Bouts of Depression Part 2

Seiden's follow up is so important because it offers us clinical accuracy. So while we all may or may not suffer from mood swings or bouts of depression, we know officially and medically now what defines "major depressive disorder." Thank you, Sam!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called, Closing the Curtains: How I Cope with Bouts of Depression. It was a more personal essay, based on my own individual encounters with the tides of our moods. Luckily, one of my best friends and bridesmaids, professional counselor, Samantha Seiden, M.S, upon reading the post, wrote …

How to Write Fabulous Blog Posts all the time…a great cheat sheet

How To Write Fabulous Blog Posts--all the time! Can you imagine if Sylvia Plath had her own blog? Her posts would have been fascinating.

Long before blog posts even existed, women writers already had the wisdom and skills to author a blog. Can you imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, warm coffee in hand, to read Sylvia Plath’s latest blog posts? Or Virginia Woolf’s weekly newsletter in your email inbox? “Lock up your libraries if you like; but there …

10 Tiny Ways to Help Save America

It's my home. Do I get antsy about the current state of things? Yes. Mos def. So little by little as the days pass, I've been thinking about the small moves I can make as one tiny citizen.

Perhaps I read too many articles on Flipboard, or watch too many documentaries on Netflix, and this is why I’m worried about the U.S. Truthfully, I know it’s neither of the above. My worries are the result of simply living here, observing and interacting. It’s my home. Do I get antsy about the current state …

How To Rock the T-Shirt Trend: Comfy, Cozy and Cute…15 Looks

What makes a woman feel comfy, cozy and cute without fail, without circumstance? The T-shirt! I don't care who you are or who your with. You can look gorgeous in a t-shirt. Face it: t-shirts are hot.

What makes a woman feel comfy, cozy and cute without fail, without circumstance? The T-shirt! I don’t care who you are or who your with. You are gorgeous in a t-shirt. Face it: t-shirts are hot. My 15 Favorite Cheap & Spunky Featured T-shirt Looks (click on pic to shop!)

I’m Tired of Being an Artist

I can't stand this weird habit of mine to play with pricey paint on overpriced canvases or pieces of plywood. Today, I especially hate the abstract ones. They offer nothing other than one of my moods, thoughts or bits of dreams. That's all they are, blobs and strokes that illustrate whatever I'm feeling (or thinking or dreaming about or worried about or in love with) throughout the span of the painting's construction.

I’m tired of being an artist right now. There are days like today–when thinking about my art transmits a flurry of moths up from my stomach into my neck in sets like waves. My brush strokes are low-brow; the piles of paintings all around the house and the studio are like piles of dusty yellow newspapers …

Cara Delevingne: A Contemporary Version of Glamourous Comedienne

She's known as a super model and very recently as as an actress, but I think she's a comedienne too. She's got that old school twinkle.

We just watched Midnight in Paris again the other day. It occurred to me that I might suffer from that same condition the Owen Wilson character, Gil, has, nostalgia. I’ll admit it; I idealize a lot of stuff in the past, and rant about the wretched state of things today. I look to the past …

Closing the Curtains: How I Cope With Bouts of Depression

Whether or not you're diagnosed with a mood disorder, whether or not you have ever defined yourself openly as feeling depressed, most likely you've encountered the circumstance at some point for whatever length of time. I'm an artist, so "luckily" my moods and sensitive understandings are not that surprising to others. People sort of expect artists and writers to think on a different beat. Regardless of anyone's beats, a bout of depression can creep into one's day without consent.

“She was a girl who knew how to be happy, even when she was sad. And that’s important.”  ~Marilyn Monroe Depression is like a bad word with bad connotations. People overuse it inappropriately the same way they might throw a cuss word or two to the breeze, neglecting the true meaning of the word itself. You might hear, …

6 Things You Don’t Know About Me (and why you should make an Infographic of yourself)

And why you should make a sweet little Infographic about yourself too!

I teach my students to use ethos, pathos and logos in their writing. Ethos–author’s credibility. Pathos–emotional affect on the reader. Logos–logic and reason. With all three, a writer has a much better chance of not only gaining the reader’s attention, but also his/her respect. With those thoughts lingering around in my head from all the …

22 Ways to Turn Your Old Junk into Pretty Pots for Plants

There are infinite cool ways to reuse junk in your plant life, especially now with shabby chic trends. An old can can be easily painted brightly or decorated with an expressive collage. A broken grill or even car part can act as a gallery for growing plants. Shoes! mugs! jars! ink jet printers! teapots! toilets! shoe organizers! The possibilities are endless.

With the never-ending invention of new products available to us, we can’t help but constantly upgrade our own possessions. A printer guaranteed to be the best printer available will suddenly become defunct after a few months when an even better printer hits the market or when tech like 3-D printing becomes an accessible fresh trend. …


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