Month: July 2015

11 Glamourous and Lush Soft-Afro Hair Looks

Soft afros offer a lush and textured look that radiates a "can't keep my eyes off you" boldness.

Lush & textured effeminate boldness. Think up. Think far & wide. Think round. For those of us who aren’t blessed with locks as lush as these (no matter how many products you try that claim “volume”), there’s always the iconic always effective mini sponge rollers, like so:

The Stories, Bill Cosby and I

I know that dark and psychedelic feeling when you wake up realizing that what just happened to you, without your sanction, involves your personal health, diseases and some heavy breather's gluttony, self-interest, obsession, stretching you open and doing whatever it wants to your body. I can't barely picture my body morphing into a rag doll, a blow-up babe, more that asleep--unconscious.

35 victims of sexual assault/abuse are on the cover of New York Magazine right now. When I saw an image of the cover on facebook, I immediately clicked on it, anxious to see what it was. 35 women story-telling the gross abuse they suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby. It’s a picture of 35 regular …

The Romp Around!

23 Amazing Romper Styles! Enjoy these diverse looks of the cute and practical romper for women (and learn a little fashion history too!)

Onesie, playsuit, coveralls, bloomers are all words historically used for what we typically today call the “romper.” The idea for the romper came about as a clever way to play comfortably without ruining your “nice clothes.” Toddlers and kids could run freely without their mothers shouting, “you’ll get ice cream slop on your white dress!” or …

Wedding Update: Planning a Wedding is So Much More than Planning a Wedding

Wedding Update: How planning a wedding is so much more than planning a wedding

Whoa, whoa, slow down, time. I still have so much to do before the wedding. Going over my detailed checklist (made for me by one of my crew aka bridesmaids), I was pleased to find myself checking off so much, like book a caterer, buy your dress, block hotel rooms, set up your website etc. …

10 Unique Color Palettes That Inspire Creativity And Fresh Designs (plus how to make your own palettes too!)

Color palettes can be used for any creative endeavor. Sometimes, I'll look at a palette that will inspire a new painting. Having pre-made color palettes on hand keeps me from sticking to the same colors I innately gravitate toward, resulting in a refreshing design from colors I typically don't gravitate toward. Here are ten color palettes I designed (my gift to you!). Hopefully, you will find yourself inspired to create something brand new.

When trying to explain to everyone involved in my upcoming wedding (November 14!) what the colors are, it seemed names like “coral” and “sea foam green” were not specific enough. Someone’s view of coral might be more red or pink than I imagine it. What if a flower girl thinks of it as orange? What if …

12 Marilyn Memes

Let Marilyn make your day marvelous!

Why not meme it up a little with mega-movie star Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe? (All the memes were made by me!)

Coco Chanel: The Woman Behind the Logo

Get inspired by the woman who gave creative women a voice...

When you hear “Chanel,” what pops into your mind? Pearls? A black dress? Chanel No. 5? Red lipstick? All the basic products of a legendary style company. Chanel, founded by the icon, Coco Chanel, symbolizes far more than industry and fashion; it’s the result of one brave woman’s vision. For me, Chanel is the woman …

How to Argue to Win: 7 Tips for Effective Communication

Ironically, making a powerful argument has zero to do with power and everything to do with social and language skills. When engaged in a friendly debate, professional conflict or collaborative decision making process, there are seven important tactics to keep in mind.

One of the most necessary and powerful skills anyone can have is the ability to create a strong argument. The art of arguing is typically associated with lawyers and philosophers, however, it is in our normal daily lives that all of us can benefit from the power of conveying an argument well. (So, I know …

Same-sex Marriage Has Always Been a Constitutional Right

In essence, our founding fathers had actually protected the rights of gay citizens, but socially and culturally, opinion smothered this right. However, while officiators might perpetually and subjectively attempt to oppress social "underdogs," the wig-wearing, stocking-sporting old-timers loyally and timelessly have our backs, giving all of us, an indisputable right to our rights.

Prelude: Initially, this post was going to be about a fat free Fourth of July cake recipe, but my sentimental patriotism as well as the recent proclamation regarding gay marriage rights took hold of my inspiration. I’ll post the recipe next, but first, here’s a little holiday harmony… The Fourth of July, a big bright …


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