Month: April 2015

8 Actions that Show You Care

It's so easy to say "I care," sometimes we forget to show it. Here's 9 tips to get you started!

Of course we always say, “I care,” but saying it means nothing without showing it. Whether its an eager attempt at displaying gratitude to a relative we’ve taken for granted, or an aim to reassure our other half that we do, in fact, care, or a small reminder of your loyalty to a friend, showing that you …

Unmentionable & Notorious: The Controversy of Emotions in the Workplace

The Controversy of Emotions in the Workplace: what role do emotions play at work? A fresh look at the part of feelings in a professional setting.

Do you remember that time that you were in a bathroom stall, sniffling, breathing in and out, trying to calm down…trying to stop crying. Eventually, you did, and you walked back out into your work place as though you never cried at all. Why were you crying? Did someone critique your performance too harshly? Were …

Sips to Paradise: 2 Sweet Flamingo-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Perhaps the best qualities about these two recipes is how beautifully they perform for at-home entertaining and how easy they are to serve.

I. The Fizzy Flamingo 2 oz. vodka 2 oz. club soda 2 oz. pink lemonade (or 1 oz. sweet & sour mix, a splash of grenadine) ice optional: sugar on the rim! garnish with a slice of lemon and/or strawberry   II. The Fruity Flamingo 1.5 oz. vodka 1.5 oz. peach schnapps 2 oz. pineapple juice …

Are You Suffering from Kim Kardashian Issues? 10 Ways Obsessing Over Your Looks Harms Your Personal Growth

Are you suffering from "Kim Kardashian Issues"? Here's 10 Ways these types of problems can hinder your personal and professional growth.

Maybe it’s because I live in Miami, or maybe it’s because throughout most of my online leisure activity, beauty is consistently a spotlighted subject. It seems (myself included), like Cleopatra, we are always trying to find the perfect recipe for physical beauty. I’ll shamelessly admit how much I enjoy looking up “life-saving” beauty tips, like how to …

How To Plan a Professional & Flawless Event–10 Tips too!

I learned a valuable lesson I would not have learned otherwise: you can't rely on the venue that has invited you to already know what all your needs are. You have to ask for them upfront, and if they already know you need a music stand, or a bottle of water, or a video projector-- great! But it's better to be safe than sorry.

I was recently asked to read poetry at a new venue; I noticed some major glitches in the setup, for example, I was not formally introduced nor was I given a place to lay my reading materials. I was frustrated by these snafus of course, but I also learned a valuable lesson I would not have learned …

12 Epic Photos of Dogs in Hair Curlers

These dogs take glam to the next level!

These pups take glam to the next level! View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | View image | …

Fancy Flamingo Friday!

Try making these two pink drinks the next time your tanning by the pool. One is fruitful and the other is sparkly and light.

It’s a flamingo kind of Friday night… Fancy Flamingo Friday! by pinkcurlers featuring canvas handbags

8 Quick Fixes for Stress Relief on-the-go (Bonus: free workout printable!)

Tips for on the go stress relief (free bonus body sculptor workout included)

Bonus free no-equipment-needed workout printable: Quick fix workout  ! Thanks to’s resources!

5 Ways To Help You Heal With Writing

5 writing remedies for emtional healing

If you’re freaked out, confused, hurt, angry or just depressed, writing can potentially be a cure-all. Writing can come in handy during those times when your friend may have said something that suddenly made you so over-the-top defensive, but neither one of you are sure why. Or, you might be feeling incredibly insecure and overly preoccupied …


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