Month: February 2015

Get Inspired With These Award Winning Bloggers

Get inspired by these award winning bloggers.

Bloggers are weird. We lay ourselves out on a public platter for the world to see. Sometimes we even wonder why we blog. I have yet to make a dime, and it takes up a lot of time. But– I keep blogging. Admittedly, sometimes I get really into it. With blogging, the blogger grows, learning …

Epic Toys Back From the Dead

Let me waste your time and give your brain a break. It’s throwback Thursday–a perfect excuse to reminisce over the past. It’s a past that no longer exists not only because, well, time passes, but also because we’ll never be little kids again. Today, I see lots of awesome “new school” toys I know nothing …

How To Make an Abstract Painting that Resonates in 5 Steps

Talent can be overrated. Creating "real" art is much easier than you may think. You can reap the benefits of art therapy at home to improve your well-being and state of mind.

Talent can be overrated. Creating “real” art is much easier than you think. You can reap the benefits of art therapy at home to improve your well-being and lower your stress levels. The benefits of painting extend beyond the resulting piece of artwork created. The process of painting is what offers the most rewards to …

Jackie Kennedy suite

8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier.

Jackie Kennedy suite by pinkcurlers featuring art deco furniture

His & Hers Flamingo Friday

Flamingo love sticker

His & Hers flamingo Friday by pinkcurlers featuring a picnic hamper

Hardcore Facts About Porn

10 Hardcore Facts About Porn...brace yourself

While so many good things are happening to me, while my life is transforming into everything I dreamed it could be, I can’t stop thinking about the lives around us that are vacant of freedom and full of exploitation. It overwhelms me. All I can do is write about it. Facts, truth and reality are …

Wedding Update : “Bride-mode”

Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....

  So, the shoe is on my foot now… Once upon a time, I was recently engaged. Now, I’m in what I think is “bride-mode.” It’s happening, suddenly and surely it’s happening; I’m planning a wedding. It’s an inexplicably marvelous & beautiful cliché. I feel completely in over my head while I fantasize about lights on trees …

Would You Wear this to Work? Is it a Do or Don’t?

Sometimes the line between too much and too little is hard to draw straight. What's appropiate and what's not for work? Take a look at these conflicting styles, then take a quiz to see what you think about professional fashion.

With all the bling and pizzazz out there, especially if you’re a creative type, it’s hard to differentiate what’s appropriate for work and what isn’t. I mean nail art is mainstream. Body glitter is sold at the drug store. Neons are normal. It’s all so vibrant and beautiful, but when it comes to work (sadly) …

Pretty & plush

You'll never guess what products you have in your cabinets that are better than dry shampoos and whitening kits

Pretty & plush by pinkcurlers featuring perfume fragrances


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