Month: December 2014

Bright Lights of 2014

The best of Pink Curlers & Post Scripts 2014

This past year, I began the journey of cultivating my own blog. The blog began as small scented candle in the decorum of my life; now it’s ignited into a chandelier that I polish and upkeep. I joke with people that my blog is like an adult version of a Giga pet or Tamagatchi (if …

An Elvi Inspired New Years Eve

Elvi ensembles for New Years Eve. Get inspired by the fast paced urban but tropical glam

Home for the holidays. Home for the holidays by pinkcurlers featuring a waterproof mascara New Years Elvi. New Years Elvi by pinkcurlers featuring Frette Bluebird. Bluebird by pinkcurlers featuring Laura Mercier Moving on. Moving on by pinkcurlers featuring french home decor

How to Mix Your Zen with the Holidays

The idea of preserving and cherishing your zen throughout the holidays probably seems like an unattainable task. Who has time to sit and think about nothing when gifts need to be wrapped, cards need to be mailed, requested breads need to be baked, flights need to be caught, the perfect dress needs to be found, …

Winter Wonders

This style is like a combination of rich woman luxe and funky authentic artist. Every piece reminds you of something classic, while it shows you something you've never seen before with subtle asymmetries, color switches, pattern sizing, allusions to animals and so much more.

A white winter, a city bundled in frozen ivory light. People leave footprints– stamps of existence in the snow. Each carries a sticky chap stick in his/her pocket. Each wears a vivid scarf. It seems too cold to say hello, yet somehow, they wave or nod. It’s warmer under the Christmas lights. Pulled this poem out …

Think You Know About Women?

We should all be able to access the free-spirit inside ourselves.

Let’s see how much you really know… Here’s a quiz I made for us to really get a hold on things. Also, there is a fascinating video as well as readings and sources below the quiz.[mlw_quizmaster quiz=1] Things are improving for women thanks to our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers that really worked hard to ensure …

Gift Ideas for Grandma

I've decided this year to give to grandma according to what was popular and trendy for her, rather than for me. I think she'll get a kick, a walk down memory lane, and, she'll know what to do with it.

What year was it when your grandmother was your age? When my grandma was thirty, it was 1956. Just a few years before Mad Men takes place. Before Mad Men? Before Marilyn Monroe was dead? Before civil rights? She was thirty years old before nearly everything we depend on today existed like the Internet, cell …

5 Ways to Rock an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Look fabulous in your ugly Christmas sweater

Fresh Christmas sweater by pinkcurlers featuring a studded necklace Big black bows by pinkcurlers featuring black boots Pony Christmas sweater by pinkcurlers featuring holiday decor Blue Christmas by pinkcurlers featuring glitter makeup Stay frozen all winter by pinkcurlers featuring long sleeve sweaters

10 Home Remedies to Help You Heal

Like any other problem we set aside, like an overdue bill, a bad cough, a pain in our side, the more we try to ignore it, the more powerful the problem becomes. 10 Home Remedies for Emotional Healing

For Kee-ko It hurts. Stuff hurts. For everyone. Feeling emotional pain is as typical in life as getting a cold. Yet, for many of us, hurting is a setback, a sign of weakness or failure.  Inevitably, many of us squish, stack and store the stuff that hurts us away. Like any other problem we set …

Pink champagne fuzz-ease

Pink champagne fuzz-ease by pinkcurlers featuring Safavieh More fuzz-ease…


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