Month: November 2014

10 Activities That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Don't let distractions or stressors make a gap.

With so many distractions presented to us daily, we can accidentally create distance between ourselves and our significant others. It’s important to maintain the bond. These 10 activities do just that. Have fun, and strengthen your relationship at the same time.  10 Activities that will bring you and your other half closer together: 1. Teach …

Asleep in Spain

There are incredibly important health benefits to Spain's cultural trait known as the "siesta." I personally have experienced the benefits and pleasure of the habit. See what the "siesta life" can offer you

I was sixteen years old in a country I had heard about since the day I was born, Spain.  “Spain is in your roots!  It’s in your blood,” my family says.  In Spain, blonde does not mean gringa automatically as it does in the U.S. or various other nations.  Socially, it didn’t matter that I was …

The Sea Foam Harvest Collection (or a Sea Foam Sequel)

The Sea Foam Harvest Collection

I know.  I know; I just did a “sea foamy” post, but I felt so inspired by the color, the collaging continued.  In this collection, I have added more actual sea foam as well as leaned a bit more toward the holidays.  Sea for yourself! 😉  

Why Indulgence Should Be in Multi-Vitamins

During the week, we prioritize having tools to help us work harder, last longer, look better, drive easier, organize more, communicate faster. However, when it comes to tools that can help us feel better, indulge more happily, take notice of our senses and thoughts, we seem to take the investment potential for these tools less seriously. Maybe I should spend a little more time and money on tools that can help me self-care and recover during the week too. Just like I set reminders to make copies or hurriedly respond to a flood of important emails, why don't I set some reminders to relax or meditate?

When the weekend arrives, I am depleted to say the least. I am looking forward to a cozy evening at home. Comfy clothes only. Blankets. My fiancé. My furry friend (aka my dog). Soup. A good movie. Bubbles in the bath. An absorbing book. Rain. Time to decide what I feel like doing–The perfect recipe …

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

A Beginner's Guide to Meditating: Meditation noticeably curbs my anxiety, self-doubt, over or under reactions, clears up my thinking and enhances my sleep. Meditation is the only time we can ever fully control our minds; even when we sleep, our dreaming is swirls us in different directions. Meditation, in a very real sense, is empowering.

Think of a pinball machine, how the ultimate goal is to not let the pinball fall back down into the machine. This is how I meditate. I’m constantly trying to bounce my thoughts away from the my imaginary mind’s eye. It is as tough as it sounds. Actually, lately it’s been even tougher for me …

Odd Dogs & their Best Friends

Smile! at odd dogs and their unlikely best friends

This goes to show how little big differences matter when it comes to true friendship… Every odd dog-lover’s best friend! (click on pic if interested in purchasing info)

6 “Power Tools” to Quicken Your Morning and Make You Look Sharp

"power tools" to get you outta the house ready to march through the urban jungle while still looking "meeting with the boss" worthy.

Today I’m choo chooing around on public transport. I’m heading all around town, into work, downtown and back, so the train is the best option. With the awesome convenience of the train still accompanies the requirement of appearing professional for work. In order to be comfortable, safe and hygienic (I don’t like my skin on …

What NOT to Write in Professional Emails

Think before you click!Today, emailing has become a balancing act, especially in the work place. With competitive energy and emotions rising, it's important to know what's appropriate and inappropriate in email writing. Here's 10 "don't" to remember when you're writing your next professional email.

As a freshman in college, I’d come in from the pool, bikini still on, open my account my and poof! There would be an email from a crush back home, or a health article from my mom, a vibrant, goofy animated Thinking of You card, a just-writing-to-say-Hello note. I remember how fun emailing was. I …


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