Month: July 2014

Hugging the U in ThUrsday

Old hollywood fluff

Celebrate the essence of you, your unique, unparalleled and utmost you. In a world of closed doors, Dorothy Dandridge opened them with the power of her “u,” her ultra unique self.

The Grumpies

Don't get sucked into the whirlpool of grumps.

Part I. Diagnosis– Grumpies The Grumpies invades your workplace when one colleague carries the Grumpy germ to work. Sometimes, you may be carrying the Grumpies and not even realize it. What is the Grumpies?  The Grumpies is invisible to the eye but very obviously felt by all the people in the area. The symptoms consist …

30 is the New 13

Today is my 30th birthday. Unforeseeably, I never imagined that I would feel more 13 today than I did when I was 13.  The thing about it all is that I feel happy like a kid, free like a kid, as magical as a kid, without all the pre-puberty problems of acne, awkwardness, lack of …

Paradise and Your Profession

Beautiful orange flowers on bicycle

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”  ~Elle Woods, Legally Blonde To wear color to work, or not to wear color to work?  That is the question.  I’ll admit, I’m a woman of the tropics at heart.  I zoom in at anything that’s brightly colored.  It’s not that I want to stand …

The Beach Daze

Part I. The Beach Trip I’m just returning home from a fabulous mini surf trip. While the waves were not head high (aka big), they were long and shiny like little tubes of glass. At home, I surf chop and weave around tourists, so, these few days at the beach were relaxing. There was shopping, …

Your Lap of Luxury

The years teach much which the days never knew. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Watching the classic film, Flamingo Kid not only inspired The Goofy Guy article, but also today’s “Flamingo” Friday piece. While Matt Dillon plays a cabana boy, Jessica Walter (you may know her as Lucille from the contemporary sitcom, Arrested Development) plays Phyllis, the …

No Words Necessary

Sophia loren woman

The Goofy Guy

Prioritize your happiness & date a goofy guy. All the reasons why you should.

Here’s why you should give the goofy guy a break. What constitutes as a “goofy guy or gal?” Well according to me in the context of this article, the goofy guy is the guy/gal that isn’t sure where to put the wine he brought; he is the guy that everyone likes having around, but he …

Grow a Little Taller

If you notice someone struggling today with getting a door open or hesitating at the copy machine etc, offer to lend a hand. Not only will the person’s day be a little better, but also your sense of empowerment and value will grow a little taller. One of the best strategies for success is to …


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