Month: May 2014

Ornaments at Home

It seems like a lot of my friends purchase furniture sets with no money down. Their apartments look fantastic, very mature, organized. Their rooms could be found in a Marie Claire article or compulsively hearted by impressed strangers on We Heart It (the app). I admit, when I meet a friend at her house for …


As a 29 yr old career woman, I work extra hard, to put it frankly, not to f*#k up.  It seems every tiny aspect of my profesional persona is examined closely: the new ring I’m wearing, the one comment I made at the meeting regarding a basic suggesion to improve safety measurements, the neon details …

Beauty as Brawn

In India, the only place where women can find power and some form of financial freedom is in the beauty business, otherwise, they run the risk of oppression, poverty and biased educations. I learned this fact from a fascinating documentary I just watched and recommend entitled, The World Before Her. 7b0f3d2136860cad15c9aae62b44db4927f44b7fc0ee54507f1a85488dc7e569a04c15ed279b4125


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