12 Free Things to Do This Weekend

I bet you haven't thought of these! ;)

12 Creative, Cost-Free Things to Do with Time Off!

1. Interview someone you care about. Learn more about the ones you love.

2. Take a bubble bath. You can use the shower gel or body wash you already own if you don’t have official bubble bath soap.

3. Watch a movie someone lent or recommended to you, but you never got around to seeing. Take the time to check it out.

4. Design an alter-ego Click To TweetDesign an alter-ego if you don’t already have one. If you have one, design another! You should have a few to switch it up. Your alter-ego can be anything you want. Use your imagination. You could be a super hero, a bipolar genius rockstar, a dramtic actress from the 60s, a rapper, a sailor always at sea etc. Go crazy. Have fun with the details.

5. Update your profiles, resumécurriculum vitae, linked-in profile, facebook profile and any other publicized and contrived version of yourself. Dust it off, spruce it up and polish.

6. Call someone you haven’t spoken to for over a month.

7. Take a walk outside. See if you can find any of nature’s treasures to bring home like a smooth stone, a flower, a cool shiny seed or an interestingly patterned leaf that might inspire some design.

8. Create something. Click To TweetCreate something. It can be a recipe, a craft, a model airplane, a poem etc.

9. Start reading a book you have not yet opened.

12 Inspiring, Creative and Cost-free things to do this weekend!

This was one of the many books I chowed down on.

10. Offer to do someone a favor.

11. Watch two sunsets; take notes Click To TweetWatch two sunsets, take notes on the colors and state of the sky during the first sunset. Then do it again during the second sunset; then compare your sunsets. You might even get inspired and paint an abstract with colors you documented. (How to Paint an Abstract Painting that Resonates in 5 Steps)

12 Inspiring, Creative and Free things to do this weekend!

“Pink Rising”

12. Write a letter to your alter-ego. You might be surprised by what you’ll learn about yourself.

Got any more ideas? 🙂 Happy Flamingo Friday!

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