10 Signs You Need a Break

Sometimes a break is all you need for a push

I’ll admit it. I eat lunch at my desk, in front of my computer, annoyed that one of my hands is not available for typing. What can I say? I wanna get work done when I’m at work. Seems and even feels logical enough. Right?10 Signs You Need a Break

Apparently, my logic is completely illogical. While eating lunch at my desk appears to be the most productive use of my lunch break, in reality, it’s not. To work more effectively, efficiently and effortlessly, we need to prioritize break taking. This ranges from the daily lunch break to zoning out for a full day to vacation time. In fact, a break may be just what you need.

10 Signs You Need a Break

1. You can’t remember the last time you drank a full glass of water.

2. You’ve worked really hard on something, but a small mistake sabotages your progress. For example, you spend time writing a beautiful email, but the next day you realize it was never sent; you made a typo in the address, or forgot to hit send.10 Signs You Need a Break

3. You snap at someone at work verbally, on the phone or even via a harshly toned email.10 Signs You Need a Break

4. You have to pee right now.

5. When your friends, family or other half bring up plans to do something fun or remind you of a great show you’re going to next weekend, you’re annoyed, don’t want to hear about it and think it’s a waste of precious time.

6. You stay up late, wired and hyper-focused by the glow of your computer, convinced that you must get something done.10 Signs You Need a Break

7. When someone asks you what it is you like to do, all your answers point back to work. He/she clarifies, “No, I mean when you’re not at work.” If you feel a slight panic, completely bewildered or can’t remember, you need a break.

8. You haven’t spoken to your parents or best friend in a couple of weeks (maybe? or has it been a month? or more?) and you find yourself missing them.

9. You feel tired and wired at the exact same time.10 Signs You Need a Break

10. You feel like you need a break.10 Signs You Need a Break

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Just as small breaks improve concentration, long breaks replenish job performance. Vacation deprivation increases mistakes and resentment at co-workers, Businessweek reported in 2007. “The impact that taking a vacation has on one’s mental health is profound,” said Francine Lederer, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles specializing told ABC News. “Most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a vacation, even if it is a 24-hour time-out.”  

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