10 Ideas for the Weekend

A few simple things you probably haven't done before...

Flamingo Friday has returned once again to save us from the routines of our workweek. With Friday, comes the anticipation of the weekend. What will you be doing this weekend?10 things to do that you probably haven't thought of already

10 Ideas for the Weekend, You May not Think of Otherwise

1. Listen to an entire Ella Fitzgerald album in the evening with lights off, candles lit and beverage in hand (hot chamomile tea or wine etc).

10 things to try this weekend

Ella Fitzgerald never failed to captivate. Let her mesmerize you.

10 new things to try this weekend. Ideas you never thought of.

Ella Fitzgerald & Marilyn Monroe enchanting each other as well as onlookers.

2. Visit a local art museum. Bring a little note/i-pad to take notes on insight, information or inspiration for ideas.

3. Wear a large hat to protect your skin and to spark intrigue in others.

10 things to do that you probably haven't thought of already

Audrey Hepburn illustrates the subtle curiosity a large brimmed hat offers.

4. Actually do a Do-It-Yourself project you have pinned on your Pinterest board or jotted in your idea book.

5. Watch a movie that was made before 1950 (don’t worry about the black & white imagery; the acting and story lines were so elite back then, you will get absorbed within 10min). One I recommend, which stars Bette Davis and features Marilyn Monroe’s first speaking part, is All About Eve.10 things to do that you probably haven't thought of already

10 original ideas for this weekend.

Bette Davis stars in All About Eve; watch her emit an alluring vulnerability as much as a radiant ego.

6. Enjoy some live music. Find a restaurant or bar featuring a local band.

7. Comment on someone’s blog post. Seek out a subject matter on the more controversial or complex side. Really convey your views. Here is an interesting blog related to the upcoming book review, Does Every Woman have an Eating Disorder?

8. Visit a tourist spot or attraction in your town. Enjoy being a tourist without leaving town.

9. Collect all those old magazines lying around that you’ve already read. Create a self-expressive collage with images you cut and paste from the mags.

10. Pick your own or buy bunches of flowers or potted plants. Indulge and place the variety of blossoms all over your home with a color coordinated or artistic design in mind.

The fluff of flowers can elevate your mood

These coral colored bougavillea I snipped from a plant in a Miami Beach alleyway, a tropical treat.

Happy Flamingo Friday!

Today’s sentence to complete: If I were an animal, I would be a ______________ because ______________________________.

Upcoming book review this weekend: Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? By. Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld. It is both riveting and extremely relevant.10 random things to do this weekend

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