10 Films that Spark Professional Success

Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.
–Audrey Hepburn

Perhaps my fiancé and I are the last living humans to own and cherish their DVD libraries (yes, it totally made me like him more when I saw he too wasted shelf space on not only on DVDs but also epic VHSs!).

Like Audrey Hepburn, I learned so much from movies: how to survive on a deserted island, how to slay dragons, how to seduce a man, how to meet a mermaid etc. What many don’t understand is why I keep certain VHSs or go out and buy a movie I love when things like Netflix exist. I love Netflix, but some movies I keep and buy because they’re movies I know I can watch again again and always get something out of them, a break from reality, laughs, lessons I need to be reminded of, artsy camera angle ideas, epic writing, authentic characters, inspiration etc. Plus, when all this internet outer space data stuff crashes, who will still be well entertained? Me, with my movies and DVD players 😉

Some movies inspire the “quit” out of me, especially when I feel like I’m hitting walls I can’t knock down. In regards to overcoming professional barriers and obstacles, there is a nice little herd of movies to watch.

I made a miniature list of the ones that add a bit of fuel to my tank. Mind you, this list is ever growing and changing; I had a hard time deciding which ten to list, and as I kept thinking more and more came to mind. I had to stop somewhere! But there are so many I can’t recall right now, haven’t seen or never knew existed. I’m such a movie buff that I literally feel guilty only listing ten. Intriguingly and unintentionally, my #s 10-6 are dramas, and my top 5 are comedies, I am not sure why, but it’s an interesting observation. Yes, Working Girl is rated as my #1 (hey, it is my list). Anyhow, here’s a chunk of Hollywood’s versions of professional inspiration:

Ten Movies that will Motivate You to Work

10. The Pursuit of Happiness
9. The Rainmaker
8. Imitation of Life
7. The King’s Speech
6. Serpico

5. Marley & Me
4. Confessions of a Shopaholic

3. Turner and Hootch

2. The Secret of My Success
1. Working Girl

When I first saw Working Girl, I felt like I had found a good friend. For more on the movie, check out my post, Classics Know Best, where I discuss it in more detail.

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